Monday, 14 May 2018

What i do with old stuffs.

Phewh! At last the election is over. Who do you vote for?? Me? Hahahaa.. no way i m gonna reveal it here.  
Today i have something to share. I have created one video which i posted it in my youtube chanel. The video is about items i am selling in my website. 
Carousell, that is the website i use to sell my stuff, has gained so much popularity within the last 3 years. I believe their members has exceeded 5 million. So, there are many many many new and preloved items sold in that website. As a result, competition is getting steeper. So i need to find a way to reach my customers. Hence, the video below. πŸ˜–

 If you would like to see more of my preloved goods, you may either subscribe to my channel or follow me in 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Nasi Lemak

Ahhh nasi lemak here is to die for.. if the sambal is delicious, the nasi lemak is 90% perfect.  Do you know nasi lemak is voted the best food for breakfast? And do you know why? In case you missed this article The Star, below is the link :

Yea heatlthy... but if one is a couch potato, nasi lemak can be unhealthy too. For example if you add fried chicken or rendang (not the crispy one eh 😏) with the meal.  Depending on the portion, the meal with additional fried food can add up to well over 500 calories 😟. 

Ah well, as long as i walk for two to three hours after that, i should be ok.. i hope.. hahahaa... ok KLCC here i come... (if only i could walk there.. hahaha)


Yess.. it's weekend... what's the plan?! I love weekends because i get to dress up with a purpose. This time i'm off to KLCC (which is like every weekend 😏) to buy my friend's birthday gift.  Do you want to know what i plan get for her?

Meanwhile, a little update on my outfit. Yeay.... Denim jacket is back! Mine is from Diesel which i bought it yearsssss ago (Thank God i did not sell it of or gv it away yet  although i was planning to since last year).  Then i pair it with my Venaise high waisted palazzo. 

Oh dear, i'm hungry...  where should i eat yah? And what?

Friday, 4 May 2018

Off to grocery shopping

Today I'm in the mood to wear a skirt which is rather unusual.   I have a few skirts bought over the last five years but to some unexplained reason, i hardly wear them.   Maybe i am not a skirt person but when i see one all dressed up in a flowy skirt, my nafs gets in the way.  Huhuhu...

Back to my outfit. The one I'm wearing today is made of linen by Uniqlo. Uniqlo is very successful in making lots of ready to wear outfit.  The wide selections of clothes calls out to many potential buyers.  I for one, sometimes dare not step foot in their shop because most of the time, i end up spending more than RM300 in one bill.   

The top is linen too but i could not remember where i bought it from.  Since it works well together, why not, eh?

Ok now.. i'm off... ta

Thursday, 3 May 2018

How i wear my Huda...

For the last few years, Huda has been my first choice of lipstick whenever I plan to go to a party.  It stays longer on my lips compared to any of the lipsticks I currently own. 

The color i chose for today is Spice Girl.  It is quite dark for my skin tone.  So i have to use another lipstick of a  lighter shade to soften the look.  The one i picked for today was made by my friend herself, using ingredients according to her, is safe to wear on the lips. Ah well.. hope it's trueπŸ€”.  So far so good. No side effect whatsoeverπŸ™„. 

Even though i used my favourite lipbalm first before swapping Huda on my lips, the lipstick will still dried up pretty quick.. making my lips looked like a prune, stuck on my face especially with the color i chose today.  To rectify this, i use a hydrating serum made famous by intagrammers, Farsali Rose Gold Elixir.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is a 24-karat gold-infused beauty oil that's rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  If you zoom on the picture below, you can  see freckles of gold dust in the syringe. Not only will i hydrate my lips with this RM250 (pricey eh? Huhu.. but it works) serum, but also on my face as a hydrator, primer and even a highlighter.  All on one.  Cool, eh? 

Do try it out.  Most of us do not have any side effects using this serum. If you fear having one,  try it on your hand or neck first before applying on your lips.  

You can find Farsali in Sephora near you. 

That is all for now.  Till then...


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Less is More

Hi bloggers...  see what you like today? I surely do... i like myself.. Hahahaah.. or to be specific, i like what i wear today. Long blouse and a pair of jeans. I read or heard somewhere that for one to look expensive and feel luxurious, one should wear a certain kind of material. One of the material the writer or youtuber mentioned was linen. Tadaaaa.... i am wearing one today.  Yes, it does feel and look positively ritzy especially when paired it with Bokitta.

A smart and beautiful outfit does not have to be from an expensive brand.  In fact, too much of that on me, from my point of view, makes me feel quite arkward, heavy and gawdy. As though I am trying too hard to look good or to impressed people around me. When the fact of the matter is, with just a touch of luxury items, one can radiate grace and elegance.  Look for example, Kate Middleton.  She is rich but does she need to broadcast she is one?!  Nooo... The outfit she wore daily, makes her look humble and appear approachable.  Yeah, of course, with that smile of hers, she can win any hearts she sets her mind to. Uh huh... Definitely,  less is more.

I'm sure you notice my shoe 😊.  I bought it from Zara a few months ago. It is slightly heavy but comfortable enough to wear for at least half a day without blistering my toe. I am a person who is very particular on what shoe i put on daily.  My main focus on buying a footwear is Comfort! Comfort! and Comfort! I had made mistakes in the past which lead me to injuries. Since then, choosing and buying one is like a task I would rather avoid doing. Alhamdulillah, for my size 4 feet, this one is ok πŸ˜€.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Weekend in Krabi

Hello there...

Krabi is famous for its many beautiful scenic islands with white sandy beaches. They became even more so after the movie, Beach starring Leonardo De Caprio. It is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a relaxing area. But if you wanted some adventure to your holiday, they do offer many too, such as island- hopping, snorkelling, rock climbing, sea kayaking, fishing, jungle trekking, scuba diving, ATV, elephant ride and a few more I could not remember.

There are so many hotels and resorts to choose from but after a few weeks, we decided on beautiful Nakamanda Resort and Spa, Krabi, Thailand We stayed at the hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. The hotel did not serve halal food but out of their own courtesy, they had made halal selections for us. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Because the resort is situated on a hilly area, they have made many stairs to climb. (See my picture below).

Below is the hotel's layout.  Don't you think it is helpful if you have the hotel's layouts? I find it rather useful to know. So I may choose or prebooked a room(s) best suited for me and my family.

This is my first time wearing Bokitta while travelling. I have to say it was quick and stylish at the same time. If my Bokitta went askew, which happened alllll the time, I could readjust it in seconds.  Bokitta is the best travelling scarf without compromising my Deen.

While we were there, we partook in four trips. Two of the trips were complimentary from the hotel which took us to Ao Nang Market and the Night Market.  The remaining trips were the jungle tour and the four island boat ride. Total cost for three adults was RM600 which was much cheaper than our Langkawi tour package. Huhuhu...

Day 1: Jungle Tour
Friday 27/4/2018
8 am - 4 pm

Hotspring Waterfall

The day started with the trip to the jungle. Once we reached there, we had to walk for 300 metres to the hotspring from where we parked our car. After half an hour dipped, we were called back to our next destination.

The Emerald Pool

There is no other explanation as to why it was named as such except that it is truly green. It is not the water though but the algae underneath it. The rest is science, which I rather not explain... πŸ˜’

Lunch Break 

Inclusive in the package, we were served tasty sweet sour chicken, fried vegetables, tomyam chicken and watermelon for lunch.  

Tiger Cave Temple

Our last destination was the Temple. Once, there were tigers prowling here, hence the name, but now not anymore.  Huhuhu...

Day 2: Island Trip
Saturday 28/4/2018
8 am - 2 pm

On this trip, I had planned to wear my Nashata's sports hijab but unfortunately, I accidentally left it behind. So I had to wear my Ariani's basic hijab instead. Nashata has a very good sports outfit selections. The shirt I wore was not actually for swimming, but because it is loose, long and somewhat quick drying, I opted to wear it even though I have a swimming outfit in my cupboard.

Pra-Nang Cave Beach
Island Trip

Our day begins with a ride on a 600hp boat to the four islands. The first one was Pra-Nang Cave Beach. We were there for only thirty minutes.  We took some pictures and then off to Tub Island for snorkelling. On the way there, we passed an island that looked like a πŸ“ head. Thus the name, Chicken Island.

Chicken Island

Tub Island

Poda Island

Our last stop was Poda Island where we had our lunch; rice, chicken ginger, fried egg and fruits. An hour and a half later, we headed home.

At 5 pm on the same day, we went to the night market at the heart of Krabi. I wore my favourite palazzo by Tiedye Specialist and pair with a matching top by Zara.  Ah yes, to complete the look, I styled it with Bokitta scarf.  Perfecto!!!

That is all from Krabi. Until next time...

Friday, 27 April 2018

Makeup Essentials for Minimilist Travellers

Hey you travellers... 

Do you bring any makeup when you travel? Most of the time i don't; solely because there're just troublesome.  I prefer to go bare with only sunscreen to protect my skin. Yes Alicia, i support you... However nowadays, i feel the need to have some color to my pale cheek and a touch of red on my lips. 

So let me share with you the make up i brought for my beach holiday this weekend.

I wear Chanel lip balm almost daily to prevent my lips from drying. It can be slightly uncomfortable for first timers because the texture is quite thick. But because i have good experiences using it in dry and cold weather, i trust it will not fail me anywhere else.

Dior Lip and Cheek Glow
Having this dior product makes my sling bag a ton lighter.  Neither do i need to carry blushers with its brush nor the lipstick.. I just chuck  the dior glow in the my bag and off i go. It is that easy. Wish they make it in many shades.

Yes another lip balm.  Looks like i'm a lip balm addict. Hahaha. I love this one because of the presense of sunscreen, SPF 25, in its formula. There's a few shades to choose from but the one i love are only 2: Simply Rose and .....

There are so many good reviews i read and heard on this product. One particular review that got my full attention is the lip pucking thing. Hahaha. I have tried but i did not see any difference besides my lips felt slightly swollen. It is just the feeling you know... to say the lips actually puckered literally, i have yet to see.. Question is... Will i buy it again?  Hmmmm.. we'll see.

It has 6 different shades piled up into one long silinder.  Clever huh?  The shades are very light. Perfect for daily wear.  

There you go. All 5 most basic make up essentials for me when i go out and about. The end results is almost bare with a touch of freshness. If you have 10 minutes to spare, do add in some eye liner and mascara.  As for my eyebrow, is it thick enough as it is. So i would not bother much about it. 

I am in Krabi now... so you there.

Signing off ...